The popular shopping center on Amir Majid Street in Jeddah has been closed due to non- compliance with security measures .

According to the lesson website, the municipality has decided to close the shopping center for the health and safety of locals and expatriates.

Municipal officials noted during the investigation that the security measures taken to prevent the corona virus in the mall were not being fully implemented.

 The municipality has warned that any shopping center that does not take the necessary security measures to prevent the spread of the new corona virus will be closed.

  There will be no concessions to those who violate security measures. The safety of local citizens and expatriates is paramount.

It may be recalled that the Ministry of Health had conditionally lifted the ban on shopping centers, according to which the management of shopping centers would allow a limited number of visitors to enter, in addition to installing thermal cameras at the main doors of the centers and every visit. Note the body temperature of the person. If someone has a high temperature, they will not be allowed to go to the center.

The restrictions also said that gloves and sanitizers should be provided at the center as a precautionary measure to be used by incoming customers.