Zain Unlimited Daily Internet Plan
Zain’s new unlimited internet plan gives you total control on your payment with an innovative daily charging for what you use.

Unlimited Daily Plan, Pay for what you consume

Fast Internet connection satisfying your needs.


  • 11 SAR daily fee apply on any internet usage during the day

            -The day starts from 00:01 – 23:59

           -If no internet usage is made during the day, no fees will be charged

  • No Fair Usage Policy Applies
  • No minimum data usage applies, and will be charged on any internet usage during the day
  • Total bill amount will be issued on the 28th of each month according to the usage
  • Daily usage can be checked through the self-service page

To manage your account and view the detailed usage of the daily unlimited plan please follow the below steps

1- Access the link:

2- Enter your MBB SIM number and password to access

3- Once you access your account you can monitor your daily usage as you prefer

For more information, please call customer service on 959 from your Zain line or 0590000959 or visit the nearest Zain shop.