How to update passport ( Naqal Maloomat ) through Absher Online
The MOI has launched an online way to update dependent passport information (Naqal Maloomat) online in Absher and Jawazat records. We have explained about it below.

Naqal Maloomatis a procedure to change a visa from the old passport to a renewed one.

Now the Naqal Maloomat procedure can

be done through the Absher online without visiting the Jawazat office.

By using this method, both dependent’s and worker’s passport renewal information can be updated.

Expat workers “Naqal Maloomat” procedure can be done through his sponsor’s Absher account.

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Dependents (family members) Naqal

Maloomat online procedure can be done by the “head of the household”

(Father or Husband) Absher Account.

Procedure Naqal Maloomat Online through Absher Application

You need to login to the Mobile Application using your Absher or MOI Sponsor  account,

1 - click on “E-Services” 

2- Then “Passports”. Another drop-down list will appear 

3- Select “Update Resident Passport Information”.

4- In the next step click on the button “Start Using Service”. 

5- In the next screen, click on the “dependent list” as shown in the screenshot below.

6 - After that choose the dependent for whom you want to update passport information in Jawazat through Absher. Click on the dependent and the application will open further details related to this. 

7- Just click on the “Next” button to proceed further.

8- Now, this is the final step to do Naqal Maloomat online so you need to enter it carefully. You are required to update the dependent's new passport information in Jawazat through Absher application such as passport number containing alphabets and digits, the issuance date of the new passport as well as the expiry date of the new passport.

New Passport Issuance Country: Your home country.

New Passport Issuance City: The capital of your home country.

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How to update passport ( Naqal Maloomat ) through Absher Online | Udu & Hindi |
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