New Apple iPhone 14 Pro buy online in Saudi Arabia
New Launch New Apple iPhone 14 Pro 128GB, 256GB, 512GB, 1TB available in Saudi Arabia Buy now Online

iPhone 14 Pro: Hands-On with NEW FEATURES!

New Apple iPhone 14 Pro Price and Online Buy links

New Apple iPhone 14 Pro 128GB price:  4699 SAR : 4799 SAR : 4699 SAR

New Apple iPhone 14 Pro 256GB price:  5199 SAR : 5299 SAR : 5199 SAR

New Apple iPhone 14 Pro 512GB price:  6199 SAR : 6299 SAR : 6199 SAR

New Apple iPhone 14 Pro 1TB price:  7199 SAR : 7299 SAR : 7199 SAR

About New Apple iPhone 14 Pro

  • True to life mode now in 4K Dolby Vision up to 30 fps
  • Activity mode for smooth, consistent, handheld recordings
  • Imperative security highlights — Crisis SOS through satellite and Crash Discovery
  • The entire day's battery duration and as long as 23 hours of video playback
  • A16 Bionic, a definitive cell phone chip. Superfast 5G cell
  • Industry-driving solidness highlighted with Ceramic Safeguard and water obstruction
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