Types of Driving Licenses in Saudi Arabia
Expats from different countries often don't know which driving license they need for their job and needs. So, we have explained all the types of driving licenses available in Saudi Arabia.

Private Driving License

The majority of Saudi and expatriate drivers possess a private driving license, which restricts them to operating only private vehicles. Consequently, this license does not permit driving any form of public transportation. To drive a taxi or other public vehicle, individuals must acquire a separate driving license specifically for that purpose.

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Public Driving License

If anyone wishing to drive a taxi or bus as part of their profession in Saudi Arabia must obtain a public driving license. Private driving licenses are not allowed to drive public vehicles, which have different criteria. The minimum age requirement for this specific license type is 21 years old. Furthermore, it is essential that the profession stated on an individual's iqama specifically mandates possessing a public driving license. In other words, only those with professions that necessitate such licensure can apply; individuals in occupations like accounting are ineligible for this type of driving permit in Saudi Arabia.

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Heavy Vehicle Driving License

If your occupation listed on your Iqama necessitates operating heavy vehicles like trucks and heavy mobile equipment, acquiring a heavy vehicle driving license from Saudi Arabia becomes mandatory. Meeting the standard criteria for obtaining a driving license is essential, but specifically for this type of license, the nature of your profession must involve driving a heavy vehicle in order to be eligible in Saudi Arabia.

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Motorcycle Driving License

In Saudi Arabia, motorcycles are not commonly seen on the roads as people generally prefer cars due to the lack of affordability concerns. To obtain a motorcycle driving license in Saudi Arabia, applicants age must be at least 16 years old.

Diplomatic Driving License

The diplomatic driving license, exclusively designated for diplomats, is the fifth category of driving license accessible in Saudi Arabia. Diplomatic officials have the privilege of substituting their native country's driving license with a Saudi driving license.

Women Driving License

Women have the opportunity in Saudi Arabia, to obtain a driving license and drive their own vehicles. While this is specifically for private driving licenses, the application process differs significantly.

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