Check your Company color Status (Nitaqat color) online
How to check your Kafeel-Sponsor-Company Nitaqat status color red green online in Saudi Arabia complete Procedure. The Nitaqat system is introduced to get more jobs to Saudi nationals in both private and public sectors. Depending on the Saudi citizens in your company or mosasa.

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Check your Company color Status (Nitaqat color) online | Mosasa Status | Mosasa green|

How to check company nitaqat status

 1. Visit Saudi Ministry Of Labor website by following this link " ". 

check company status red green

2. Type your iqama (Muqeem) number in 2nd text box "رقم اللقامه " as shown in above image. 

3. Enter image code in fourth box which is just below the image. 

4. Press Enter  or click on "بحث". 

You can see any of the color Platinum, Green, Yellow or Red. Which is your kafeel or company nitaqat system with your name.

Platinum Status: ✔

If you see platinum status then your company Mosasa of Kafeel Nitqat rate is very good because they have a good number of Saudi Employees.

Green Status: ?

If your Mosasa or Kafeel status is green then you are safe and no need to worry you can continue your job in the same company without any hassle because that Kafeel has good Saudization Nitqat Rate.

Yellow Status: ?

yellow color indicates that your Mosasa Nitqat rate is not good but it can be better with a bit effort so you should ask your company to provide jobs to more Saudi citizen so that status can become green.

Red Status: ?

If your Kafeel has red Status then your institute or Mosasa has a very low Nitqat rate because they have a less number of Saudi Employees.

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