How to authorize someone to drive your car through Absher
You can authorize someone to drive your car in Saudi Arabia through Absher.

How to authorize a vehicle from Absher ?

A Saudi citizen and Resident can authorize another Saudi or an Iqama holder to drive his/her vehicle through Absher for a maximum period of 3 to 6 months.

  1. Goto Absher and log in to your Absher account
  2. Now click services from vehicles then choose  vehicles management 


3 - Now select the vehicle which you want to authorize 

4 - In the new window click issue Driver authorization and read the service requirement and click next

  • Enter the Iqama number of the expat or ID number of the Saudi.
  • Enter the date of birth of the Authorized person.
  • Select the authorization for inside or outside Saudi Arabia. ٍ
  • Select start and end date then click Continue 

6 - Read detail and click confirm and issue authorization  after a click authorize person to receive code from Absher enter this code and print authorization  later

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