How to get al rajhi visit visa insurance for Renewal Visit visa.
Insurance is necessary for stamping and renewing a visit visa in Saudi Arabia. In this article, we will explain to the complete producer how to get an Al Rajih Visit visa insurance online in Saudi Arabia to renew your visit visa in the Kingdom.

How To Get al rajhi visit visa insurance for family visit visa renewal online || visitor insurance ||


Complete the Procedure to get Al Rajhi Takaful Insurance for Visit Visa Renewal online.

  • Kindly visit al Rajih Visit visa insurance page by following this link:
  • Enter the family visit visa holder's passport number.
  • Then enter the visitor Visa Number.
  • Enter the Family Visit Visa's expiry date as shown in Absher.
  • Click and check the agreement box and then click "Verify."


  • Now you can see the visit visa information on the next page, 
  • Scroll down until the end of the page. Now you can see the click here button. Click the "Click Here" button below the declaration form.
  • Now, answer the questions about family visit visa members.
  •  Enter the border number from the visitor's passport or Absher.
  • Now Select visit Visa extension period as you like (14 days, 60 days, 90 days, 180 days, 365 days, or 730 days)
  • Then select the policy visa effective date mean (visa expiry date).
  • Enter your valid email and mobile number.
  • Click calculate button and Calculate the al rajhi visit visa insurance. You can now see the al Rajhi visit visa insurance amount in Saudi Riyals and US Dollars on the following page.
  • Capture visitor detail from Absher and upload.
  • Select your desired payment method: Sadad, Credit/Debit Card, Mada Card, or STC Pay.
  • Now check the agreement box and click "Purchase Policy."

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You will receive an SMS confirmation OTP on your bank-registered number.put out and verify payment. After confirming payment, you will get an email and sms with your new policy detail. Now you can extend your family visit visa.

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