How the fire broke out at the petrol station of Madinah, statement of the injured driver
The statement of the driver who was involved in the car fire incident at a petrol station in the city of Madinah, Saudi Arabia, has come out.


Nabil Abdullah, the driver of the vehicle, has rejected the allegations on social media that he was responsible for the fire.

He says that 'I have never smoked in my life, I have nothing to do with this incident.'

It should be remembered that last Thursday, a terrible fire incident took place in the fuel tanker standing at the petrol station of Al-Areez neighborhood of Medina.

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According to Al-Arabiya Net, Nabil Abdullah said regarding the allegations made against him on social media that he is being treated in the hospital due to burns caused by the fire at the petrol station.

The fire was caused by a fuel tanker. Smoking has nothing to do with it because I have never smoked in my life.'

It should be remembered that it was revealed from the footage of the CC cameras that a person was seen coming out of a small car parked at the petrol station. Meanwhile, flames were seen burning from the car.

Later, the Madinah Munora Civil Defence, rescue teams and the fire brigade brought the fire under control, which had spread from the perimeter of the petrol station to nearby buildings.


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