Check iqama expiry Date without absher
If you want to check your iqama expiry date without using Absher, You can visit the official website of the Ministry of Labor in Saudi Arabia, also known as Wazarat Amal.

Check Iqama Expiry with mol gov sa Website

To begin the process, you must provide your Iqama or border number and your birth date. By accurately entering this information into the designated fields on their website, you can access details about your Iqama's validity period.

This alternative method allows individuals who may not have an Absher account or are unfamiliar with its usage to monitor and track their Iqama's expiration date easily. 

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 First, open this link of Ministry of Labor of Saudi Arabia MOL GOV SA. You will see a page in Arabic. You can change the language of this page. Simply click on “عربی”, and A menu will appear where you can choose “English”, “Urdu,” or “Arabic” from this menu. Please see the following screenshot:

Check iqama expiry through mol gov sa

Step 2 :

  • Enter the Iqama Number.
  • Click on the Date of Birth column and select your date of birth in the Gregorian or Hijri Calendar.
  • Enter the image code and click on the Next button.

mol gov sa iqama expiry check

Step 3 :

That’s All. Now the system will show you the expiry date of your Saudi Arabia Iqama. This is your iqama validity date, as shown in the following screenshot.

mol gov sa iqama expiry check

iqama validity check in KSA

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