Zord k9 gaming headset best gaming headphones
The Zord K9 gaming headset is the perfect way to dominate your opponents. With Zord K9 headphones' giving you an unfair advantage, superior sound quality, and noise-canceling technology, you can hear every footstep and gunshot. Plus, the comfortable design will keep you gaming for hours.

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Zord k9 gaming headset, best gaming headphones price in Saudi Arabia: 120 SAR

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KINGSTAR Gaming Headphones, best gaming headphones priced all over the world: 32$

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About Zord k9 gaming headset, best gaming headphones

  • Zord k9 gaming headphones are Skin-soft earpads that are comfortable for extended periods.
  • Good acoustic insulation to block out background noise. 
  • Zord k9 headphone Flexible thickened sponge support is ideal for all head sizes.
  • 360° Noise Canceling Microphone: The flexible omnidirectional microphone removes crowd noise, prevents distortion, and offers a solid, transparent, smooth talk voice for improved in-game chats.
  • 53MM speaker and high clear sound with volume control buttons enable the gamer to get fully absorbed in the game.
  • Robust design and long life for use. Zord k9 internal essence construction and essence observance- mug sections.
  • Zord k9 gaming headphone comes with a 100 cm Cable Length and black pleated string for PS41.7 cadence.
  • Black fabric string with a volume remote for 7.1 black pleated string for 3.5 entrapments. Impedance ≤2.2 KΩ With redundant appendage to change for PS4 or USB draw harborage,
  • Speaker impedance64Ω Flexible thickened sponger support is ideal for all head sizes.


Gaming headset, best gaming headphones pictures

Zord k9 gaming headset, best gaming headphones

Zord k9 gaming headset, best gaming headphones

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