Domestic workers sponsorship transfer stoped in Saudi Arabia
The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development has decided to cease Domestic workers' sponsorship transfer. The service of sponsorship transfer launched four months ago halted. It allowed the sponsorship of domestic workers to transfer to firms. More details below.

Domestic workers sponsorship transfer stopped

A decision was taken to roll back the exemption. Four months before, the ministry took the decision to exempt firms or establishments for workers fees where the number of workers is four and the period is five years. Also, the condition of no more than nine employees implemented at that time. The ministry has canceled the decision of exemption for four workers, this is for remaining years. The new decision will exempt only two workers for 3 years or zi full-time workers with a Saudi Employee. 

Also. the lqama or residence permit not to be renewed for more than a year. If the request submitted to renew the iqama for the domestic workers exceeds a year period. it will not be accepted or renewed for a longer period. 

If the domestic worker's residence permit has been renewed more than a year ago, his request for transferring his services to a facility will not be accepted (because domestic workers are exempt from workers' fees), while the ministry will not provide the service for transferring the worker from a firm to an individual. 

Saudi Gazette , 202

To transfer services, a consent form of transferring service to be filled which mentions the change of sponsorship. This form containing all the details. official signature, and seal to verify. The English version of the form will also be available.