How did the father save his daughter from the train?
In Egypt, a father jumped on a railway line to protect his daughter from being hit by a train. Passengers at the station paid tribute to the father who rescued the daughter after the train passed.
According to the newspaper 24, people were waiting at the train at the train station in the Egyptian city of Al-Ismailia.
The train was about to arrive on the platform that suddenly a girl woke up from the platform near the railway line.

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 The father jumped in to save his daughter and took her baby in agony and lay down near the railway line.

The train took two minutes to reach the railway line. During that time, the people at the station were on their own. Everyone was praying for security.

 As soon as the train and both of them looked secure, the people on the platform shouted with joy. Everyone greeted the father and daughter in a cheerful manner.

 The video clip went viral in the Egyptian media. Comments are being made on the courage of the father and his affection for the girl.


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