A divorce must be filed in court
In Saudi Arabia, it is now necessary to register a divorce in court.

According to the newspaper, the Saudi Minister of Justice has decided that no divorce will be valid until the parties come to the court and register for the divorce.

The Saudi court warned that "if the woman applied for a divorce and the court asked her husband to register her divorce and she did not come, then she would be brought to court by the police".

Saudi Arabia's laws have been amended to make it clear that if a husband wants to divorce his wife or bring a divorce decision on the record, or a woman wants to prove that her husband has divorced her, In that case, the parties will have to appear in court to resolve the issue.

 On this occasion, the rights of the children to be raised and their non-mothers will also be decided.

The court will ask the husband to hear the divorce decision. If not present, he will be forcibly called by the police.

 It is important to note that in Saudi Arabia these measures are being taken to protect women from the problem.

Abid Latif is a highly experienced and knowledgeable professional specializing in Saudi Arabia's laws, regulations, and tech. He has lived and worked in Saudi Arabia for over 15 years and deeply understands the country's legal system, immigration policies, banking system, and telecom industry.



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