Al-Jawf Saudi Arabia police arrest propagandists for breaking surveillance cameras for speeding

Al-Jawf police spokesman Col. Yazid al-Noumis said four Saudi nationals had been arrested for breaking the "Sahar" surveillance camera installed on the highway to catch speeding drivers.

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According to the Saudi news agency SPA, a spokesman for Al-Jawf police said that the locals had deliberately smashed Sahar's camera.

Al-Nums said the four were identified and arrested - in their third and fourth decades of life.

Al-Noumis noted that the four Saudi nationals were registered with the FIR and handed over to the public prosecution.

It should be noted that the Saudi traffic department has set a high speed limit for driving in and out of cities. There are fines for violations.

Until recently, the maximum speed on highways was 120 km per hour. In recent days, the maximum speed has been increased from 120 to 140 km per hour at various places.

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In addition, there is a facility that if the speed limit is suddenly increased and it is controlled immediately, no penalty will be levied on it. However, some dizzy youngsters will be fined for driving recklessly on the highways. To avoid this, Sahar breaks down the cameras as these cameras record speed violations under the automated system and heavy fines are imposed on those who do so.