'Now husband cannot divorce in absence of wife'
Divorce cases will no longer be heard in Saudi courts without the presence of spouses. Minister for Justice Dr Waleed Samani has directed the decision to be implemented.

According to the urgent website, the Minister of Justice has said that 'a wife's presence in court is necessary for a divorce to occur. Now the husband cannot divorce in the absence of his wife. '

 "Earlier, the husband could come to court and get a divorce," Rutana told a TV channel. This has led to many problems. '

The Minister of Justice has said that after divorce there are several important issues that need to be decided. That is why all the judges have been instructed not to hear the case until both spouses are present before him.

"The new decision also includes that after the divorce, the court will not issue a divorce unless there is a decision on nephew, child custody and other family matters," he said.

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