Saudi Arabia infected with Corona virus out of danger
According to the Corona Virus Monitoring Committee in Saudi Arabia, the new Corona virus infected Saudi citizen is recovering and is out of danger.

Remember that Saudi Arabia confirmed the first Corona virus case on Monday. A Saudi citizen coming from Iran to Bahrain was found to be infected with the Corona virus.

According to the newspaper 24, the Corona virus watchdog committee made the announcement during a meeting at the Saudi FDA's headquarters in Riyadh. All information and reports related to the virus were reviewed in detail on this occasion.

Saudi Minister of Health Dr. Taufiq al-Bariya said, "Saudi citizens and foreigners do not bother with the new Corona virus. The measures taken to prevent the virus in the state are effective. They are being processed. '

The Minister of Health said in a Twitter comment that Shah Salman and Wali are grateful for the patronage of the precautionary and protective measures.

 Meanwhile, according to the website, the Ministry of Health has expressed gratitude on a viral video clip on social media claiming that 17 patients of Corona virus have come on record at the Jeddah airport.

 It was also claimed that some flights were returned with all passengers.

The Health Ministry said in a statement on Twitter: "The alleged video and all claims in it are false." Let no man advance it. Get all virus related news from the Ministry of Health and its website.

It should be noted that the Public Prosecution had warned that legal action will be taken against anyone who participates in sharing the rumors. This is a crime, which will carry up to five years in prison and a fine of up to three million riyals. 


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