Procedure to check the Agent name to whom Saudi Visa has been delegated
If you get a Saudi Visa from your employer or sponsor, you can easily check its Visa delegation office name to follow up with Saudi Mission on working Visa. It is the travel agency in your home country who follow up in processing your electronic visa.

Generally, when you get a Saudi Visa, you get your delegate name and address from your Kafeel or sponsor in order to process your Visa.

However, there are many people who have their Visa number and Sponsor ID but they do not get their delegate name from their Kafeel and are unaware how to know it.

If you are one of them and waiting to know your delegate name, so now you can easily check online, your Saudi Visa Wakala delegation name of travel agency while sitting in your home in your home country.

The procedure is quite simple. All you need is your Visa number, visa issued to city and Sponsor ID . If you have the required information then follow these steps;

01-First of all visit Enjaz IT website through this link

Click Here

02-Once you open it click on the “SECTOR AND ORGANIZATION” for working Visa.

03-If you have applied for a family visa then click on “INDIVIDUALS”.

04-Click on the VISA DELEGATION. It is the third option there if you are checking for working visa and fourth option while you are checking for your family Visa delegate name.

05-Read all the terms and agree with them by clicking on the icon Agree at the end of the page

06-Now, the next page asks you to enter your details like Visa number, Visa Issuing Authority City, and Sponsor Id, enter these details and then click on SEARCH

07-Now you can see Visa number, Visa date, Sponsor name, Sponsor address, Sponsor Id and display Visa related to Embassy in the City Occupation and Delegate Agency name.

Abid Latif is a highly experienced and knowledgeable professional specializing in Saudi Arabia's laws, regulations, and tech. He has lived and worked in Saudi Arabia for over 15 years and deeply understands the country's legal system, immigration policies, banking system, and telecom industry.


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