Food Vacuum Sealer 220V/110V Vacuum Sealer Packaging Machine
Food Vacuum Sealer 220V/110V Vacuum Sealer Packaging Machine with Free 10pcs Vacuum bags Household Black

Food Vacuum Sealer 220V/110V Vacuum Sealer Price : 14$

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Amazon Price : 35 SAR

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TINTON LIFE 220V/110V Household Food Vacuum Sealer Packaging Machine Aliexpress

Product Advantages


  1. A compact Vacuum Sealing System eliminates freezer burn and reduces spoilage and food waste.
  2. Fresh, anti-bacterial, moisture-proof, mold-proof, and antioxidant.
  3. One-touch vacuum sealer operation, easy to use.
  4. Low noise, low vibration.
  5. This machine is suitable for dry goods, not vacuum liquid, oil, and water powder products.
  6. Most of the automatic small vacuum machines must use a single-sided pattern vacuum bag to be fully automatic vacuum sealing. Ordinary flat bags and smooth bags can only be sealed but not vacuumed.
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