LIGE Digital Men Military Watch 50m Waterproof Wristwatch
LIGE Digital Men Military Watch 50m Waterproof Wristwatch LED Quartz Clock Sport Watch Male Big Watches Men Relogios Masculino

LIGE Digital Men Military Watch Price : 16$

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Q: Can I read my watch in total darkness?


A: Yes, the timekeeping has a glow function so you can read the time clearly at night

Q: What is the maximum wrist size of this watch?

A: The watch is 24 cm long and very large. Good watch, beautiful and lightweight, good value for money. Hope all this helps you

Q: How to adjust the time calendar of the watch?

A: You should pull out the circular button on the side of the first part of the watch to adjust the date, and then rotate it clockwise. When you pull out the second part to rotate clockwise, adjust the time

Q: How long is the protection of the watch?

A: Hello, the protection time of the watch is 2 years, and it is equipped with a warranty card.

Q: Is the mirror of the watch clear?

A: The glass is a mineral of high-strength glass (scratch-resistant, drop-resistant, and dirt-resistant), which can clearly see the time

Q: What is the quality of the watch strap?

A: High-quality Silicagel is extremely durable and flexible, Do not fade, making it an ideal material for wristbands"

Q: Is it in a box?

A: Yes, friends, watches are sent with the box

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