Who is the son-in-law of Microsoft founder Bill Gates?
Jennifer Gates, daughter of billionaire American Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft Company, has found a bride for herself. Jennifer also shared photos with her upcoming Egyptian bride on Instagram.

Sharing her photographs with Jennifer, Egyptian teenager Nail Nassar wrote, "On her saying yes, I feel like I am the happiest and happiest person in the world."

Arabic web news' Urgel 'wrote on CNN that on Instagram, Nail wrote:' No more waiting is possible and if you can say it clearly, it would not be possible for me to live without you today. '

Jennifer made her comments on it, "Nail Nissar, you are the ideal, thank you very much for the way you turned me around and, yes, millions of times."

Remember, a young man from Egypt named Nail Nassar is a student of economics at Stanford University in California where she and Jennifer became friends.

Jennifer Gates visited Egypt at the end of 2018, where Nail Nassar toured Egypt with her Class Fellow and saw various leisure and tourist attractions.

Nelsar Nassar's parents are Egyptian; he is considered an expert horseman. In 2013, 27-year-old Nile Nassar also received a prize in the world equestrian competition. Jennifer's also keen on equestrianism. This shared passion has also become the main reason for their friendship.

Jennifer Gates, 22, a Class Fellow at the University, was invited by Nail to Egypt and said that the horsemen would attend the competition.

To be clear, Jennifer's father Bill Gates is ranked second in the world's wealthiest. Their assets are said to be worth $ 92 billion, while in the first place are the founders of Amazon, whose assets are worth close to $ 130 billion.