'Don't delay my marriage, collect 650 rials'
Citizens of different countries are living in Saudi Arabia. Most domestic employees are Asian, while 70% of the servants are from Indonesia.

فـﮪـــد الظفـيري on Twitter


An Asian viral video on social media has taken everyone by surprise. Mazzs Web News uploaded a video released on Twitter in which a simple young man can be seen pleading with a Saudi citizen for his wedding. 

When Saudis discovered the purpose of his arrival, he said he wanted to marry his friend's servant. When the Saudi citizen further discovered that there were expenses for the wedding, the young man said, 'I have arranged everything, I have money in connection with the seal and other expenses.'

In response to the young man, Saudi told him about the servant, saying that the servant he wants to marry is not Indian but Indonesian.

In reply to Saudi, the young man said, "I know that he is not an Indian but an Indonesian. We have had several meetings and we have decided to get married. That's why I came to you with a request from my friend. Let them marry my servant. ' 

On the request of the young man, the citizen said that I would talk about marriage, but you know that there are a lot of expenses on marriage that are not trivial, do you have the money to get married?

 On hearing this from Saudi, the young man said, "We have calculated the total cost is 650 riyals which I have brought. Now do not delay our marriage and this money will not be spent."

Demanding the marriage of a young man on Twitter says that his demand is not wrong, our prayers are with him.

Another Twitter user used to say, "I wish today's seal would be just that." 

The alphabet Twitter user's motto was, 'Include 350 rials on my behalf and complete the thousand.' 


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