For the first time in the history of Masjid al-Haram in Makkah, Asha's call for prayer has been fulfilled by two supporters, rather than as a wad.
Al-Masjid al-Haram's senior Mozad Ali Alla was crying to Asha that his nature suddenly disappeared soon after the auxiliary Mozad took over Mike and replaced Asha's call.
According to Saudi media, according to the prescribed system of Adhan in the mosque al-Haram, there are two mujasahs on duty for every duty.

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 This arrangement is done so that no one can reach the Mohammedan on time or if there is a problem during the call, then in this case the alternative Mohsin can be replaced.

Saudi Arabia has also released a video clip of Mouzin Haram Sheikh Ali al-Mulla, who can guess that Ali al-Malla's voice has been suppressed. This situation happened when the sudden deterioration of nature. Immediately after his replacement, Shaikh Hashim al-Saqaaf, the second Musan, completed the call.

There is a specific system of Adhan in the mosque. Engineers and office workers are deployed for this. Haram Mecca has 24 people appointed for Adhan.

There are 140 people working in the company. All are highly qualified and well trained in their field.

The call of the Adhaan comes through seven thousand loudspeakers in Haram Sharif. At each prayer, loudspeakers are turned on for Adhan and Takbir.

Ali Ahmad Mullah is a senior mujahid of the mosque. According to 1366 AH, he was born in 1945 in Makkah. He belongs to a family in Mecca with most of the people honored to be buried in the mosque. He died in 1975 after the death of his cousin, Sheikh Abdul Malik Almala, who became the founder of Haram Sharif.

 Moody's has been performing for 40 years. Their voice is unique. He is remembered all over the world as 'Bilal al-Haram'.