Corona virus spreads to 44 countries, WHH chief releases alarming statistics
chief Dr Ted Roz says over the past 2 days, the number of cases coming from the outside world of Covd19 has increased from cases coming from China, which is very disturbing.

The World Health Organization (WHO) chief, Dr. Ted Rose, gave a briefing regarding the Corona virus (Covd 19), saying that out of 78,630 people in China, the Corona virus has been confirmed and the death toll has reached 2,747. ۔ Outside China, the Corona virus has spread to 44 countries, where 3 out of 474 people have been diagnosed with quotidian 19 and 54 have died.

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"Over the past 2 days, the number of cases of Covd 19 from the rest of the world has grown from China's new cases, which is very disturbing to us, over the last 24 hours, 7 countries have been involved in Brazil, Georgia, Greece, northern Macedonia, For the first time, Coved 19 cases have been reported in Norway, Pakistan and Romania.

Dr. Ted Rose said that the spread of Coved 19 in the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Republic of Korea (South Korea) has proved how dangerous it is, that governments have the opportunity to take the toughest steps and overcome it. During the past two weeks, there have been no reported cases of Covd 19 in Belgium, Cambodia, India, Nepal, Philippines, Russia, Sri Lanka and Vietnam, which is evidence that stringent measures can prevent its spread.


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