How will the date for the three-year ban be determined for breach of exit pledge
According to the Jurisprudence Law in Saudi Arabia, the people who leave on the promise of departure are obliged to return to the country at the appointed time.

A person on Twitter of Juzaat inquired, 'If those who go on Exodus and Promise are guilty of a violation, in this case, the three-year period is determined from the expiration date of the Exodus and Promise or from the expiration of Iqama?' 

Answering the question, Juzaat said that those who violate exit-re-entry are blacklisted in the country for three years. Such persons who are guilty of violation of exit re-entry are included in the category of 'Kharj Wilm 'Iad'.

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The ban for those guilty of violation of the exit promise is determined by the expiration of the exit re-entry. In this context, the period is determined from the lunar date prevailing in the state. 


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