Kiswa of Kaaba raised in preparation for Hajj
Kiswa of Kaaba lifted up for Hajj, this year 50 people helped raise Kiswa in Saudi Arabia.

Did you know that during Hajj they swap out the Kaaba Kiswa for white cloth?

For the new Hajj season, they raised up the bottom 3 meters of the Kaaba's black cloth and switched it out for white cloth to get ready.

Reasah Al-Harmain said.

Every year before Hajj, they do this to protect the Kiswa because some pilgrims touch and pull on the black cloth when they circle the Kaaba.


The Head of the Two Holy Mosques, Ahmad bin Muhammad Al-Mansouri, said that around 50 experts and techies were responsible for the yearly thing.

Pilgrims with misguided beliefs may touch and pull the Kiswa stems, leading to the black cloth being raised up to 3 meters and replaced with white textiles during Hajj.

According to Al-Mansouri, the original Kiswa will be draped again after the Hajj season.


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