The Saudi cabinet meeting reviewed the progress in Sudan and the Jeddah talks
The Saudi Cabinet has reviewed the latest developments in Sudan and the Jeddah talks. Regional and international situations were also discussed in the meeting.

The Cabinet has delegated the authority to negotiate a memorandum of understanding with Turkey for cooperation in the field of communication to the Minister of Information and Broadcasting.

According to the official SPA news agency, the cabinet meeting was held on Tuesday in Qasr al-Salam in Jeddah under the chairmanship of King Salman bin Abdulaziz. 



The Cabinet approved the Comprehensive Common Framework for Assessing Individuals and Families' Wealth and Financial Position, the Holiday Calendar for the academic year 2023-2024, and its guidelines. 

The Cabinet was briefed on the letters the President of the Republic of Qamar received from the Saudi leadership. 


Saudi Minister of Information Salman Al-Dosari told SPA after the meeting that a report was presented in the Cabinet regarding state activities in the past few days. Multilateral and bilateral negotiations at different levels and changes regarding the stability of relations with brotherly and friendly countries were highlighted. 

The Saudi Cabinet expressed satisfaction with the resolutions of the Saudi-Iraqi Coordination Council meeting held in Jeddah and with the Memoranda of Understanding signed during this event in various fields.

The Cabinet also believed Iraq-Saudi cooperation would be accelerated to achieve common interests. May peace and stability in the region be strengthened and the wheel of construction and development move forward. 

The Cabinet reviewed Saudi Arabia's participation in the 76th session of the World Health Organization Assembly in Geneva and the efforts being made to limit the threats to public health at the global level.


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