Is car insurance efficient or not?
Vehicle owners have been cautious in regards to insurance since the Saudi Department of Traffic imposed a fine on not car insurance.

 The question that matters is whether the vehicle insurance is effective and how can it be found online?

According to the urgent website, the Saudi Department of Traffic said on Twitter that 'the car owners have to do five things'.

First go to your 'Abshar' account. Then go to the Vehicle Services section, then open the Information section.

Then push the title of whether vehicle insurance is effective or not. Enter the number or national ID card number and the vehicle plate number. 

Finally push the answer to the question. The answer will come to you.

Abid Latif is a highly experienced and knowledgeable professional specializing in Saudi Arabia's laws, regulations, and tech. He has lived and worked in Saudi Arabia for over 15 years and deeply understands the country's legal system, immigration policies, banking system, and telecom industry.


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