Which vehicle does not apply for seat belt violation?
Saudi traffic police have again said that seat belt violations do not apply to vehicles older than 1985.

The seat belt law protects drivers and those sitting in the front seat in case of an accident.

The Traffic Police says, "The purpose of traffic rules is to protect people's lives and property and avoid accidents."It is not everyone's responsibility to follow the rules, but everyone. '


According to Web News 'Urgel,' the Saudi Department of Traffic reminded that the fine for a seat belt violation was 150 rials. However, if the same violation was re-recorded within 30 days, the challan amount doubled or 24 hours imprisonment. It can be given.

It is also possible that both sentences be given simultaneously - the penalty is double the amount and imprisonment. However, this is determined by looking at the traffic record of the person in violation.

Traffic police have further clarified regarding vehicles that do not have seat belt violations.

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