Absher Awdah Service Travel Request Step By Step Complete Guide
Absher Awdah Service Travel Request has been announced by Saudi Arabia. The Service will help the Expatriates living in Saudi Arabia To request a fnal exit and exit re-entry visa.

Absher Awdah Service Travel Request

The Absher Awdah Service is available for all residents. This includes any visa violators and residents of Saudi Arabia. The application must be submitted via the portal. So here is the step by step procedure on how you can avail this. 

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Visit the official. website of Absher. The website is Absher.sa 

Select Individual if you are using services for yourself or dependantsand then select English Language.

Step 1: Select Awdah. The icon is a green color plane under public services. 

Step 2: Once you click on Awdah. you will see important information and two buttons. New Travel. Request and Travel. Request Inquiry. Click on New Travel. Request if you are requesting. 

Step 3: Once you dick on New Travel. Request Button. you will be asked to enter the following information: lqama or Border Number, Date Type (Hijri or Gregorian). Birth Date. Mobile Number, and Image code shown on the page. 

After entering all the information. click on Continue. The application will then be sent for approval. Once approved. you will be notified on the mobile number you provided in this form via SMS. The request can always be monitored by Absher platform. see step 4. 

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