12,798 expats repatriates from Saudi Arabia
12.798 expats repatriates from Saudi Arabia using the recently released Awdah service. The global travel and aviation industry came to a stop due to the current conditions. Saudi Arabia took the decision of releasing Awdah service via Absher to manage the issue. This has helped many people wanted to travel back t their home country. More details below.

1. 12,798 expats repatriates from Saudi Arabia

Awdah which means return released by authroties in Saudi Arabia. The Ministry of Foreign affairs worked around the clock with related parties and embassies to help residents and people wanted to travel back during the temporary suspension. 

A total of 178, 452 people have registered to be a part of the Awdah initiative from the period between April 22 to June 3, according to SPA. 

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