Transfer Credit from STC to STC
STC allows prepaid customers to transfer credit from STC to STC. Any STC prepaid Active customer can use this balance transfer service. After the transfer, SR 20 must be left in the credit sender balance. The allowed minimum and maximum transfer amounts per transaction are SR 5 and SR 20, respectively.

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There is no limit to transferring STC credit per day. The transferred amount should be a multiple of five 5, 10, 15,20 SAR.

Note: Transferring amount does not increase the validity of your number 

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STC Credit Transfer method -1 through SMS

Write in message  *133 *Mobile number* amount#  send message to 900 

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STC Credit Transfer method 2 through dial paid

Dialing the *133*mobile number*amount# then press call


STC Credit Transfer method 3 through STC App

mystc app: 

1 - Click Manage 

2 -Then Transfer 

3 - Click Send 

enter the “Recipient Number” 1 SR per transaction


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