Indian employee arrested for killing Kafeel in Saudi Arabia
It is revealed that the fire that broke out in the room of Muammar Citizen a month ago was not the accident but the result of an Indian employee's conspiracy in which he killed his sponsor and stole one lakh 20 thousand rials.

According to the lesson website, the police, including the family, were not suspected of the employee at that time. This is why the event file was closed.

In Saudi Arabia, a Saudi family hired an Indian employee to care for a 70-year-old citizen. Who took great care of the elders.

The family, including the elderly, were happy with it. Appreciating his services, Kafil also promised to perform Hajj at his expense this year.

In the meantime, the employee reviewed the routine of the minor. He knew the times to sleep, wake up, and stay out of the room. He also found out that the elderly kept a hundred and twenty thousand rials in his room.

The employee planned to steal money with the help of Momar. One day, in the absence of an elder, he washed his hands on money.

When the elderly were asleep and no one was in the house, he set the room on fire as if at first glance it was assumed that the fire had started on its own.

While watching, the fire engulfed the entire room and resulted in the death of the elderly.

The Civil Defense Department controlled the fire and handed the case over to the police due to the death of the elderly.

Police began their investigation. Got information from all the family including the servant but no clue as to the cause of the fire. 

The family did not suspect anyone, so the police declared the accident and closed the file.

After a month of calm, the employee's behavior began to show clear changes. He started buying expensive goods and preparing to return.

Then one day, when some acquaintances of the employee came to pick him up in the car, the employee handed over some large suit cases to him.

The family got suspicious, the inquiry started, then the employee got nervous. Someone reported to the police that upon arriving, the servant set everything on fire.

He confessed to all that, in the lure of 100,000 lacrosse, Acres stole the money and then set fire to the room so that the family could understand that the money was also burned in the fire.