Riyadh zoo reopens after renovation
After renovation and renovation in Riyadh, the zoo has been opened to the public .

According to Sabak website, a large number of citizens and resident foreigners have taken interest in the opening ceremony of the zoo.

The management has said that 'the zoo houses several species of rare and rare animals'.

"Furthermore, the entrance ticket has been kept reasonable, while many coffee shops have also been arranged for the visitors."


"The zoo has been given a jungle environment where children and adults alike will feel that they are seeing animals in their natural environment."

It should be noted that Riyadh Zoo was established 35 years ago where there were 1300 different types of animals.

The zoo also organizes a number of events for children and provides the opportunity to hand-feed the animals.

The zoo has re-opened after renovations under Riyadh Season Management. There is a 10 riyal ticket for adults, while a 5 riyal ticket is charged for children.

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