Women who do not have a driving license issued from any other country and expat women who have a dependent iqama will have to get admission to a Saudi Driving School for women. We have explained the procedure they have to go through below.

If you already have a valid driving license issued from another country, you need to follow a different procedure to convert your driving license into a Saudi driving license for women. It has been described here. 

Get Admission to a Saudi Driving School for Women

There are many driving schools for ladies and females in Jeddah, Dammam, and Riyadh. All Saudi Driving Schools for Women whether they are in Jeddah, Riyadh or Dammam are following a uniform procedure to train women to obtain a driving license in Saudi Arabia. 

The fee for a Saudi Driving License for Saudi and Expat women varies from the driving school to driving school. The fee for training at Saudi Driving School which is managed by Princess Noura University is SR 2,520. 

Theory Test for Saudi Driving License

In the first step to getting a Saudi driving license for Saudi and expat women, they will be given 8 hours theory lectures which includes all aspects of safe driving and driving regulations. After the lectures, they will have to pass a written test for driving in Saudi Arabia.

The theoretical test is a computer-based test designed to evaluate your knowledge and your attitude towards driving. It heavily depends on the content given in the theory lectures. The duration of the test is 30 minutes and is composed of 32 multiple-choice questions.

Passing this test qualifies you to move to the next stage of your training. In the case of a no-pass score, the trainee is required to attend extra theoretical lectures. This test is more like a computer test for Saudi driving license . 

Simulator Training

This is a special training introduced for women in Saudi Arabia as they are not exposed to driving at all. Men who apply for a Saudi driving license don’t have to go through this process.

The simulation classes in Saudi Driving Schools for Women are conducted on state-of-the-art, high-tech machines. In these classes, the trainee gets a feel of real car driving and learns more about the different components of the dashboard and the steering wheel. The trainee gets to experience driving in a variety of road conditions. Trainees get 2 hours of simulation training. 

Practical Training

After the simulator training, in the next step to get a Saudi driving license for Saudi expat women, they are moved to the next stage of practical training where they drive in a real car in the driving yard for 6 hours.

Through this hands-on training, the trainee gets used to driving a real car in a safe, enclosed environment with highly qualified driving instructors.

Pass Yard Test

After completing 6 hours of actual car training in the yard, a practical driving test is conducted. It is a basic level test, but it prepares Saudi and expat women to appear in the final driving test to apply for a driving license.

At this stage of getting a Saudi driving license for Saudi and expat women, they tested for different types of parking and mastery of basic driving skills. Passing this test is a requirement to start on-road training. In the case of a no-pass score, the trainee is required to take extra practical training hours focused on the skills that she failed in before starting the next stage of training. 

Practice on Road

If a Saudi or expat woman passes the yard test, she is ready to practice on the road. They are composed of 14 hours of driving on roads with other cars 

Final Driving Test for Saudi Driving License

A final practical test follows the practical training. This test measures the skills and attitudes of the trainee on the road. It focuses on 16 basic competencies that the trainee needs to master before getting her driving license.

These skills include safety on the road and adhering to traffic rules and regulations. Passing this test is required to obtain your driver's license.