Owners of foreign number plate vehicles have 3 months' duration
Saudi Traffic Police have granted three months' leave to owners of foreign number plate vehicles.

Traffic can be used in Saudi Arabia for a maximum of six months on a foreign number plate, the agency said. 

After the stipulated period, the vehicles must be either withdrawn or registered with the Saudi Traffic Police Department. According to the Saudi news agency 'SPA', vehicles transported from Saudi Arabia are registered for a limited period.

Traffic police for registration of vehicles and change of number plates in 12 cities: Riyadh, Jeddah, Taif, Al-Qariyat Commissioner, Al Jawf Region, Najran, Jazan, Tabuk, Madina Munora, Haddad-Shamaliya, Asir, Qasim, Eastern Region, Dammam, Hafrulbatin Special desks have been set up in the Commissioner, Al-Hassa and Al-Khafaji Commissions where the registration of vehicles is facilitated overseas.

Sources of traffic police say that after three months of passing, the owners of such vehicles will be charged immediately. There is no penalty for traffic paid by the organization.

It is clear that in Saudi Arabia, vehicles are imported from abroad, most of which are from the Gulf States while many people from USA also import.

A temporary registration of 6 months temporary registration is made for the vehicles brought by the company from overseas. The law against renting a vehicle over a fixed period is considered, according to sources in the traffic police.