LIST OF TRAFFIC VIOLATIONS AND PENALTIES IN KSA (2019).Here is the updated list of traffic violations and penalties in Saudi Arabiafor 2019

Penalty ranging from SR 100 to SR 150

  •  Leaving the vehicle with its engine running 
  • Not possessing insurance 
  • Crossing roads in areas unspecified for pedestrians 
  • Failing to give way to pedestrians at crossings.

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Penalty ranging from SR 100 to SR 300

  • For not using indicators while changing lanes 
  • Reverse vehicles to more than 20 m on main roads 
  • Not holding a license 
  • Excessive use of their car horn 
  • Not taking a vehicle for maintenance 
  • Not wearing a seat belt 
  • Failing to leave sufficient distance between vehicles 
  • Crowd at the scene of accidents. 

Fines ranging from SR 300 to SR 500

  • Littering
  • Not focusing on driving 
  • Holding an expired license 
  • Not using a child seat 

Penalty ranging from SR 500 to SR 900

  • violations Follow emergency vehicles using a siren 
  • Not stopping at traffic signals
  •  Writing slogans or putting stickers on cars 
  • Tinting windows beyond specified limits 

Fines ranging from SR 1,000 to SR 2,000

  • Not having a number plate or using a damaged late 
  • Carrying more passengers than specified in the registration 
  • Not using lights when driving at night and gathering at joy riding areas 

Penalty ranging from SR 3,000 to SR 6,000

  • Skipping or jumping traffic signals
  • Overtaking buses when students disembark and driving on the wrong side of the road 

Penalty ranging from SR 5,000 to SR 10,000

  •  For driving using another car’s number plate or erasing or concealing the number plate.


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