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Huroob (هروب) is a status in Saudi Arabia that means you ran away from your sponsor or employer without telling them. If you have huroob status, this means you are absent from work. In this case, you will lose your legal worker status in Saudi Arabia. To check your huroob status, visit the Ministry of Labor website.

How to check Iqama haroob through MOL GOV SA site

  • The first step is visiting the MOL GOV SA site. Click on this link MOl Service
  • Clicking on the link will take you to the mol kSA query page. You don't need to find the service manually.

huroob check iqama


  • To check the status by using Border/Boundary number, then enter it in the first option, enter the six-digit code, and Tap/Click on Search.
  • If you don’t have a border number, then enter Iqama/ Residency number. then enter your “Nationality.” and the six-digit code and Click “Search.” ‘بحث’
  • It is also possible to check the iqama status using your passport number. Enter your passport number, ‘Nationality,’ and captcha for the third option.. and Click/Tap on “Search.” ‘بحث’
  • Scroll Down to find the status, as shown in the picture below.

how to check haroob status

If you find the  ‘علی راس العمل’  as shown in the above picture, then it means that you are safe and don’t have huroob status.  If you use google Translate or any other translation service, you will find the result in English as follows.

iqama haroob check online

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