How to get COVID 19 vaccine certificate in Saudi Arabia from Sehaty
If you have already taken at least one injection COVID 19 vaccine in Saudi Arabia Than you can download its certificate from Sehaty and Tawakkalna.

How To download COVID 19 vaccine certificate from Sehaty

  • Download and install the Sehaty Application from either PlayStore , App Gallery or iTunes
  • Login to your account. if you don't have a Sehaty account then create one.
  • Click on the “ COVID-19 Vaccine ”.


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  • On the new page, Scroll down and select the option “ Medical Report “.
  • The system will show you the COVID 19 vaccine certificate with Barcode on your mobile screen. You can download the certificate in PDF or share with anyone or take a screenshot and keep it on your mobile and use it inside Saudi Arabia.
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