SWIFT code for Saudi Arabia Banks
What are the Swift Codes of Banks in Saudi Arabia?
SWIFT CODE is an international bank code that a bank form to make their identity for the worldwide banks.it is basically known as BIC Bank Identifier Code. A Swift code is usually used to transfer money from one bank to another. It is a standard format of BIC. It serves as a special identifier for the bank.

This code is used for transferring money or to  convey messages between banks and financial institutes. It is specially used for international wire transfers. 

Saudi Arabia Banks Swift Codes

1- Alinma Bank Swift Code :  IMNASARI

2- Al Rajhi Bank Swift Code :  RJHISARI

3 - Arab National Bank Swift Code :  ARNBSARI

4 - Bank Al Bilad Swift Code :  ALBISARI

5 - Bank Al Ahli Swift Code :  NCBKSAJ

6 - Banque Saudi Fransi  Swift Code :  BSFRSARI

7 - BNP Paribas Saudi Arabia  Swift Code  :  BNPASARI

8 - Deutsche Bank AG Riyadh  Swift Code  :  DEUTSARI

9 -  Emirates NBD PJSC Swift Code :  EBILSARI

10 - GPT Special Projects Management LTD Swift Code: GPTLSARI

11 - Gulf International Bank B.S.C Riyadh Swift Code:  GULFSARI

12 - Hoshanco Holding Swift Code:  HOSHSARI

13 - Industrial and Commerical Bank of China Riyadh Swift Code:  ICBKSARI

14 - J.P Morgan Saudi Arabia Limited Swift Code: JPMGSARI

15 - Jpmorgan Chase Bank N.A Riyadh Swift Code: CHASSARI

16 - Merrill Lynch Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia Swift Code: MLSASARI

17 - Morgan Stanley Saudi Arabia Swift Code: MSSRSARI

18 - National Bank Of Bahrain Swift Code: NBOBSARI

19 - National BankOf Pakistan Swift Code: NBPASARI

20 - Nomura Saudi Arabia Swift Code : NSAUSARI

21 - Qinvest Saudi Arabia Swift Code: QINVSARI

22 - Riyadh Bank Swift Code: RIBLSARI

23 - Samba Finacial Group Swift Code: SAMBSARI

24 - Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency Swift Code: SAMASARI

25 - Saudi Biritish Bank THE (SAB) Swift Code : SABBSARI

26 - Saudi Ceramic Company Swift Code: SACYSARI

27 - Saudi Hollandi Bank Swift Code : AAALSARI

28 - Saudi Hollandi Capital Swift Code: SAHCSARI

29 - Saudi Investment Bank THE Swift Code: SIBCSARI

30 - Saudi Stock Exchange Swift Code: TSSMSARI

31 - Shuaa Capital Saudi Arabia Swift Code: SHUASARI

32 - Standard Chartered Capital Saudi Arabia Swift Code : SCBLSARI

33 - Supreme Foods Company Limited Swift Code: SUFCSARI

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