Update Iqama Expiry Date In Al Ahli (NCB) Bank And Quickpay Online
Now, the bank offers many procedures to update iqama online. In these methods, the account holder doesn’t need to visit the branch physically. Both, Quickpay and Ahli bank customers can use the given methods.

How To Update Iqama In Ahli Bank (NCB) Online

Ahli bank provides two online methods to update iqama expiry date.

1- NCB Ahli internet portal 

2- NCB Ahli App for android and IOS users.

3-  ATM machines available throughout the kingdom.


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Update Iqama In Ahli Bank Online Using Internet Portal.

To update iqama online for Bank Al Ahli (NCB) Saudi Arab, You should have an online account which is very easy to activate.

1- Visit Al Ahli online Website by click here.

2- Enter username and password and click on ‘Login’

3- You will receive OTP on your mobile registered with Ahli bank. Enter it

After the successful login, the main page opens.

4- At main page, click on ‘Settings’ which is the last option under the ‘Home’ tab.

5- Now click on  ‘ID Expiry Date’

6- The next window will show the expiry date of iqama in Hijri and Gregorian calendar. If it is a must required to update it then it will show in red color as shown in the picture below.

7- Now click on the ‘ID Expiry Update’

8- The system will show the new iqama expiry date automatically. You don’t need to edit it manually. Click on ‘Confirm’

9- The next screen will show a message, ‘Dear Customer, Your ID has been updated successfully’ Now click on ‘Finish’ to go back to the main window.

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Iqama Update Using NCB Alahli Mobile App

The app is available on google play store and IOS. Type ‘AlAhliMobile‘ in play store and install it on your smartphone.

1- Login to your account by providing username and password.

2- Enter OTP received on your registered mobile number.

After a successful login, in the top right corner, tap on ‘3 horizontal bars’. It will open the menu.

3- Now tap on ‘settings’. In settings, the first option is ‘ID Expiry Update’. Tap on it.

4- The Iqama update menu will appear. Simply click on ‘Update ID Expiry’

5- The app will display a message to confirm the expiry date is now updated. So to finish the process, tap on Finish.

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