Which Country Eligible for Saudi Arabia Tourists Visa (e-visa)
One of the main most important of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 plan is to develop the tourism sector. Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030 aims to welcome 100 million visitors annually by 2030 and increase the contribution of tourism to its economy by 10%.

What meaning of (Tourists Visa) e-Visa?

The e-Visa stands for Electronic Visa Service. E-Visa is an online Visa you can apply for online. EE-Visa is easy to apply through the online portal as it is just a click away. For applying e-Visa, a passport and ID card are necessary. The e-Visa makes things easier and faster. You need to scan and upload some documents, fill in the necessary information, pay the fees, and wait for your visa to arrive.

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List of Eligible Countries for Saudi Arabia e-Visa (Tourists Visa)

Europe Eligible Countries for Tourists Visa

Switzerland Ireland Liechtenstein
Lithuania Monaco Andorra
Russia Malta Montenegro
San Marino Ukraine UK
Portugal Poland Austria
Belgium Bulgaria Romania
Slovakia Croatia Cyprus
Czech Republic Spain Sweden
Denmark Estonia Finland
Norway Luxembourg France
Germany Greece Slovenia
Holland Hungary Iceland
Italy Latvia  

Asia Eligible Countries for Tourists Visa

Brunei Japan
South Korea Kazakhstan

America Eligible Countries for Tourists Visa

United States Canada

Oceania Eligible Countries for Tourists Visa

Australia New Zealand
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