There is a possibility that will soon enable communication between Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp cross chat. For the longest possible time, it was reported that this feature will integrate Facebook messenger cross chat with WhatsApp. However, the latest reports don’t provide any sort of integration. It is just a cross-chat support between the two messaging applications.

Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger users chat improvement announced by the CEO and founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg. Facebook owns three big platforms. i.e. Facebook. Instagram and Whatsapp. All of these apps or platform includes many functions but the new announcement will help users to use the cross-platform new function. More details below. 

The latest announcement by technology giant. that Facebook platforms will he able to provide cross-chat support. This means users will be able to chat with Facebook. Whatsapp and Instagram users. The Facebook Messenger already started the deployment to support Whatsapp. 

However, the idea of Whatsapp is different than Facebook Messenger and Instagram. Whatsapp usually works on end-to-end encryption and can work on one device only but Facebook and Instagram can work on multiple devices. There will be new changes coming to these platforms for compatibility issues, but so far nothing has been said.