Corona patient recovers after childbirth
A foreign woman suffering from a corona virus in Medina Manora has recovered after childbirth.

 According to Web News 'lesson', a foreign woman's husband is also suffering from corona virus which is undergoing treatment. The woman named the child Omar.

It was the first Saudi-born birth in which the parents were exposed to the Corona virus. Doctors say the newborn is immune to the virus.

According to information received by Ardenews, Qari Saifullah hails from Afghanistan and is based in Mecca with his wife.

Medina went to Manorah before the curfew was enforced, after it was discovered that both spouses had been infected with the Corona virus.

 An Afghan woman was hopeful. It was feared that the unborn child might be infected with the virus, but after the birth, the child went through a thorough test, which came to Negatives, after which the mother was delivered to Quarantina.

The newborn's mother has been discharged from the hospital on Saturday, April 18, and taken to a hotel while her husband is still undergoing treatment.


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