One thousand killed in Corona, situation is serious
The death toll from the Corona virus has risen to over 1,000 in China. President Shi Jinping has visited Frontline Hospital working against the epidemic to assess the Corona virus situation.

Wearing mask and protective measures on Tuesday, the Chinese president met with medical workers and underprivileged patients at the hospital and directed decisive action against the outbreak.

According to news agency AFP, President Shi has called the situation "very serious" after visiting the hospital. The President also addressed the doctors and patients at Beijing's Wuhan Hospital via video link.

The death toll from the Corona virus has risen to more than a thousand when authorities confirmed 103 more deaths in the outbreak in Hubei Province .

According to China's National Health Commission, the death toll as of Tuesday is 11,000 while the victims are more than 42 thousand 6 hundred. According to authorities, more than two and a half thousand people have been confirmed to have the virus.

According to Chinese state television CCTV, President Xi called the situation very serious and directed to take more decisive measures to prevent the outbreak.

According to AFP, President Shi has been out of public view since the outbreak of the Corona virus.

After President Xi's outbreak, Prime Minister Li Qiang was appointed the leader of the fighting group who visited Wuhan's central region last month.

A team of international experts in the World Health Organization has also arrived in China, AFP said. The team is headed by Bruce Allard who worked against the global outbreak of the outbreak of epidemic Ebola four years ago in South Africa.


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