Saudi citizen and Indian barber arrested
Saudi citizen and Indian barber arrested
Saudi citizen haircut video goes viral on social media in Saudi Arabia's Qasim region

Police arrest Saudi citizen and Indian barber in violation of precautionary measures to protect against Corona virus

According to the urgent website, Qasim police spokesman Badr al-Sahibani said that "the video of Saudi citizen calling Barber home on social media was viral on social media."

In the video, a citizen was doing hair from an Indian barber at his house whose shop was closed as a precautionary measure against the Corona virus.

Police have searched and arrested both after the video went viral - legal action is being taken against them.

A spokesman for the police said that "both Citizen and Indian Barber had openly violated the precautionary measures."

"The local citizen in a way expressed his pride by violating the video clip on social media."


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