What to do if Iqama is canceled, delay in returning to exit
In addition to issuing and renewing residence permits of foreigners living in Saudi Arabia, the issues of exit, re-entry and final exit are the responsibility of the Department of Permits.

The initial fee of the withdrawal is 200 riyals with a duration of two months. After that, a fee of 100 riyals is fixed for each additional month.

 A person on the Twitter account of Juzaat discovered, "In an emergency, the departure was promised and the sponsor canceled the Iqama due to a slight delay in the return." What can I do now?' 

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Answering the question, Juzaat said that 'in any case, if those who go on exit promise do not return at the appointed time and their iqama is canceled in the Juzaat system, then in this case, they will be registered as a violation of their exit promise'. 

Such persons against whom the violation of exit and promise is recorded as 'Kharj wal Ya'ad' are banned from entering the country for three years. 

After the ban is imposed, these people are not allowed to enter the country on any other visa. After completion of three years of ban, they can enter the country on any other visa. 

If the persons who are subject to the ban on exit and promise to come to the Kingdom during the prohibited period, they should be able to come to the Kingdom on a new visa issued by their former sponsor, otherwise they are not allowed to come to Saudi Arabia. 

It should be noted that the data of all persons is stored in the system of authorizations. The data of those who are banned are fed into the system of the immigration authorities. 

The data of foreigners is fed into the immigration system of Saudi Arabia's airports and border posts. If someone comes to the country after obtaining a visa, then they are identified through the fingerprint and eye mirror in the system and they are returned back. 



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