Book Umrah appointment through Eatmarna App
Umrah Appointment Booking procedure with Eatmarna App

 The app is available on Apple store and Play Store .

1- First of all you need Install  Tawakkalna app and create account .

2- Download the Eatmarna App from the Apple store or Play Store.

3- Select Langauge on the screen after installing it.

 4- You will need your Iqama number and also Tawakkalna app credentials to login or start your account.

5- You will receive a verification code on your mobile, once received, enter this code on the app.

6- Next, you will have to select Application Type which means if you are Citizen/Resident inside KSA. OR GCC Citizen or International Pilgrim.

7- Fill the information on the form in front of you.

8- The app will then ask you a reason to book an appointment which includes Umrah Appointment or Worshipper Permit.

9- Select Person, Date, and Time.

10- Lastly, select centers for transporting or pilgrims gathering in Makkah.

How To Book Umrah appointment through Eatmarna App.. Eatamarna. Application 2020 عمرہ کی بکنگ کا مکمل طریقہ

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